Constant Contact vs Mailchimp Pricing – Which one offer best value for money

There are hundreds of email marketing and newsletter software available in the market. The two giants companies are Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Let’ discuss which newsletter software gives the best value of money and which should be best for your business. I have been a loyal advocate of Constant Contact it might be a little expensive than Mailchimp but because it offers customization my vote will be for Constant Contact. It really does not mean that Mailchimp is not good it’s just I have achieved more results with Contact Contact therefore I am recommending it. These two platforms are used by thousands of companies and also 75% of respondents consider Mailchimp a great option for email marketing. Let’s take a look at the pricing of both software.

Constant Contact offers best value for money. Try Free Trial


Constant Contact: $20.00/month

Mailchimp: $9.99/month

Although you won’t find much difference between two email marketing software if you will dig deep in features (which we’ll do below), you will find there are many features that are quite different.

Best For:

Constant Contact: Constant Contact has easy to use and professional-looking dashboard. For small and midsize businesses constant contact is highly recommended because they have the simplest UI which even the non-technical people can use easily. Constant Contact has been in the email marketing software industry since 1995 and has over 650,000 customers. Constant Contact offer options more than just newsletter marketing. It can be used for campaigns such as event registration, surveys, and A/B tests were other email marketing software lack.

Mailchimp: Mailchimp does have a free option therefor it has far more customers than Constant Contact. According to TechCrunch, it has more than 11 million active customers. Mail Chimp offers a free plan, in which the user can send up to 10,000 emails a month to 2,000 only subscribers. If you want to add more subscribers you will need to go for a paid version.

Ideal For:

Constant Contact: SMBs, Corporate Clients, Middle Size Business, Growing Companies

Mailchimp: SMBs, Startups

Ease of Use:

Constant Contact: Overall the system is easy to use with excellent UI and modern design. Even the first time users can use it easily.

MailChimp: MailChimp is super easy to use. First-time users can use it easily with a powerful editor.

Customer Support:

Constant Contact: Excellent Phone & Live Chat Support. Outstanding Rating!

MailChimp: Great Customer Support team

There is something one should have in mind that “Mailchimp can double charge for the same subscriber across two lists” than Constant Contact.

Constant Contact is one of the major competitors of Mailchimp, therefore both companies compete well, and continually adding new features to get most of the market share. Both Constant Contact and Mailchimp offer similar features, both provide excellent support and both are easy to use email marketing software. So when we compare these two, we compare the two top email marketing services. we’re not looking at massive wins or losses for either side, we’re looking at which software can provide additional value to you. No matter which email marketing software you will use, you will find both of them highly remarkable software. Instead of splitting hairs between features just look at the pricing that is suitable to you. If you are a fast-growing company Constant Contact is a great choice. You can make a professional email campaign that can keep your subscribers happy.

In all fairness, I personally think Constant Contact is better but Mailchimp is a definite winner in terms of customers, and I have using Constant Contact for many years now. I have many software developments and news blogs and have 100,000 subscribers. For any course promotion, I have email marketing and not to forget I generate almost have of my revenue through email marketing.

The difference between Mailchimp and Constant Contact may seem slight on the surface, but for the professional email marketers who are into email marketing for many years now can understand even the slight difference can change the ROI of an email marketing campaign. Wherever you will see the fight between Mailchimp vs Constant Contact, You will probably find Mailchimp on the top but my personal recommendation will Contact Contact. Yes, I have generated astonishing results using contact email marketing software.

Constant Contact or Mailchimp, features compared

GUI Design

Winner: Constant Contact 

As talked earlier that Constant Contact has modern UI and software is very easy to use. It has some awesome email templates which can definitely bring lots of leads and sales. Although not everyone is impressed with Constant Contact default templates they always have the option to set up their own email template easily. Compare Mailchimp and Constant Contact for email templates, both have a hundred to stylish and model looking template it goes to the personal choice who template you find better.

Email Automation Features

Winner: Constant Contact

Constant Contact has quite a robust set of email automation features and very easy to make drip campaigns. Drip campaigns mean to set up a complete email campaign like sending the first email, second email, reminders, leads, and to successful sales.  Constant Contact made it very easy to trigger drips, like add to list/group, birthdays, and list anniversaries. The purpose of email marketing software is automation and this is where I think Constant Contact has a slight edge of MailChimp. MailChimp also offers great email marketing automation feature so it only goes down to a personal choice.


Winner: MailChimp

As per the research done by email marketers they believe that the delivery rate to Mailchimp is better than Constant Contact. Mailchimp has a higher delivery rate than any other email marketing software available in the market today. In this feature, Mailchimp is a clear winner.

Customer Support 

Winner: Constant Contact 

In the battle between Mailchimp vs Constant Contact, both companies are looking to provide exceptional customer support service, and most customers are happy with the support service there companies are providing.  Constant Contact is winner in customer support service because they offer support via phone, email, and live chat, whereas Mailchimp only offers email support.

There are hundreds of articles doing a comparison between these two email marketing software. Some consider Mailchimp awful some are not happy with ConstantContact. While no email marketing software is the most logical answer for all businesses at all times, You should only consider the one that you think can bring the desired result to your business. In a detailed review of Mailchimp vs Constant Contact above. You will be thinking it is the personal choice that which software you would like to use for your business. MailChimp cost double than ConstantContact one you cross the limit of free version, therefore, I believe ConstactContact gives the best value of money with MailChimp (at least 15 million) and Constant Contact (around 650,000) customer to will see both email marketing software are doing very good in the market. MailChimp has 15 million users only because they have a free version so not every customer is equal. Constant Contact has loyal customers that are paying to get the best email marketing software service.

Why choose Constant Contact over MailChimp?

  • Quick live chat support option available.
  • You will get the best value of your hard earn money
  • A company cares about its customers
  • Easy to use interface
  • Automation is easy
  • Constant Contact integrates with Outlook.
  • You want the best, not the cheapest email marketing software

If you’re thinking about checking out other popular Mailchimp competitors, be sure to check about Awber, Another powerful option in the email marketing software Industry.

As I said at the beginning of this review, both companies offer amazing email marketing software and both are competing to get most market share. Mailchimp is winning more market just because it offers a free version while Constant Contact has loyal paid customers very happy with the software they don’t bother switching to other options. I’m not alone in thinking this either, If you read customer reviews about Constant Contact you will surely want to use it for your business email marketing automation.

Constant Contact is a Winner

If you would like to try Constant Contact they have the free trial options available so try it yourself to see the difference.

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