Top Offshore Software Development Companies

Best Offshore Software Development Companies

Top Offshore Software Companies | Top Offshore Software Developers

Reviews of best offshore software development companies. Hire the right offshore software development company for your next software development projects based on offshore software developers’ capabilities & client reviews. We have created the list of best offshore software development companies of all sizes.

#1 – Ciklum

Ciklum is rated as the number one offshore software development company working with Fortune 500 and fast-growing tech companies as an offshore software development partner. Ciklum software development company has a number of offshore development centers around the world. The offshore development center based in Ukraine, Kyiv is the largest Ciklum offshore software development center that has over 2,000 software programmers.

Ciklum’s second-largest offshore software development center is based in Trójmiasto, Poland. This office was opened in 2015 and software development working in this office are providing software development service to clients in the USA, and Denmark.

Ciklum’s third office is in Spain located at Severo Ochoa 5, Málaga. Its current home top 100+ software programmers in Spain.

Ciklum’s fourth offshore software development center is located in Belarus. It currently is home to 200+ developers working serving the clients from European countries and Switzerland.

Ciklum’s fifth offshore software development office is located in Islamabad, Pakistan. In Islamabad state of art software development office they have 150+ programmers with strong expertise in Java, .NET and Mobile Solutions.

#2 – Contour Software

Contour Software is a part of Constellation Software Inc. (CSI) a globally known software development company based in Canada. Contour Software serves as an offshore software development center. With Constellation Software Inc employees and customers in 100+ countries and annual revenues in excess of $3 billion globally.
Contour Software considers as the best offshore software development service provider.

#3 – 10 Pearls

10Pearls is a Pakistan based offshore software development company serving INC 500 companies including johnson & johnsons, National Geographic, AARP, Nextel, and more. 10Pearls offshore software development company was started by Imran and Zeeshan Aftab in 2004.  This software development company is now a 400+ person organization with offices in DC, San Francisco, Toronto, Karachi, and Dubai.

#4 – Daxx

Daxx is a well know offshore software development company that connects talented Ukrainian developers with companies in USA and Europe, In short, Daxx set up an offshore development team in a development center in Ukraine maintained by Daxx, You can hire top Ukrainian developments that will be your full-time remote employees. Over 300 companies have chosen Daxx as an offshore development partner in Ukraine.

#5 – Existek

Existek is and offshore software development company based in Ukraine, EXISTEK is one of the oldest offshore software development company providing full-cycle of offshore software development services.

#6 – Redwerk

Redwerk also ranks among the top offshore software development companies for web, mobile, or SaaS software product development. Since 2005 they are providing dedicated software development teams in Ukraine. They have completed more than 250 customer software development projects form 170 businesses worldwide.

#7 – Diceus

Diceus is an offshore software development company with the worth of custom software development experience in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, HR, Manufacturing, Construction, and Automotive. Diceus is a global technology partner for leading companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and the Middle East. They don’t sell hours of their developers but take responsibility for the final product and its successful launch.

#8 – Sytoss

If you are looking for skilled software developers, not just the lowest price then Ukraine Based offshore software development company SYTOSS is the best choice with a stellar track record in the custom software development domain. It is an offshore software development company with a team of 150+ talented IT engineers and experts, located in Ukraine.

#9 – Agilites

Another offshore software development service provider from Ukraine in Agilities. With a dedicated offshore development team in Ukraine, they have the capability to handle your custom software development project in the best way. They develop Web and Mobile apps from organizations around the world.

#10 – Zaven

Poland is another prominent offshore software development hub in Eastern Europe. Zaven is an offshore software development company from Wrocław, Poland. They have a team of highly qualified programmers, analysts, designers, and product managers that can work on your custom software development projects.

#11 – Merixstudio

This UK based company is an experienced offshore software development service provider with 120+ full-stack agile software experts ready to work on your project. They specialize in full-stack software development with a key focus on JavaScript (Angular, React, React Native), Python (Django, Flask), and PHP (Symfony, Laravel).

#12 – Angrynerds

Started in 2000, This company provides software development and IT consulting service to clients in the USA and Canada. Angry nerds is an agile custom software development company based in Wrocław, Poland.

#13 – Saigon Technology

Founded in 2012, Saigon Technology Solutions is now one of the fastest-growing offshore software development company. Saigon Technology is a Vietnam-based software development company with 100+ talented software engineers working with clients in finance, e-business, logistic, transportation, healthcare, media domain.

#14 – Orient Software

Orient Software was established in 2005 and is among the best offshore software company in Vietnam. With 100+ software developers and 40+ clients, they are doing pretty good in the software development market.

#15 – Trigent

Indian, Trigent is an early pioneer in IT outsourcing and offshore software development business. Trigent’s decades of experience, deep domain knowledge, and technical expertise has made them the leading offshore software development company in the region.

#16 – Hexacta

For the last 20 years, Hexacta with 600+ talented pool of software engineers offering world-class nearshore & offshore software development service to clients in the US and Europe. They have the potential to execute highly technical custom software development projects on-time, within the scope, and at a lower cost in domains such as financial services, energy, retail, entertainment, telecommunications, government, and technology.

They have 10 offshore development centers, located in Argentina (Buenos Aires, La Plata, Paraná, Córdoba, Bahía Blanca, and Salta), Uruguay (Montevideo),Colombia (Bogotá), and Brazil (São Paulo), and Seattle Area (United States).

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