Top Offshore Software Development Companies

Software Development Offshoring has been the biggest trend since 1989 but for the past few years, it’s on a peak in the corporate sector. Statistical analysis reports that by 2027 custom software development market size is expected to reach $405.6 billion. But the huge transformation is seen in the software development industry like cloud and robotics automation.

But talking about software offshoring, the question pops up in one’s mind is what is it? 

What is offshore software development?

There seems a lot of bifurcation in terms like software development offshoring and software development outsourcing. Often times people are confused and think both of them are similar though they are not. Offshore software development means outsourcing software development to a third-party vendor or developer for certain software development tasks so to enjoy the benefits such as software development cost reduction and reaching global talent but that service providing company is from a foreign country.

Top Offshore Software Companies | Top Offshore Software Developers

Hire the right offshore software development company for your next software development projects based on offshore software developers’ capabilities & client reviews.

Myriad of companies is known for its offshore working and are enlisting globally.

Trending Offshore Software Development Companies

We have created the list of best offshore software development companies of all sizes.

#1 – Ciklum

In 2002, one of the top trending Information Technology offshoring companies around the globe has stepped in named as Ciklum. The headquarters are located in London and has spread its branches in the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, UAE, and Pakistan. It is renowned for manufacturing tailored digital solutions that leverage developing technologies.

The offshore development center based in Ukraine, Kyiv is the largest Ciklum offshore software development center that has over 2,000 software programmers.

Another emerging incorporation is Contour Software which is established in 2010. Its headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada. The main purpose of Contour offshore software company is to operate and creating market-leading software businesses assisting both the public and private sectors. CSI won the award for its work as is now among Canada’s 50 best-managed companies. Furthermore, it has also embraced the new normal work culture because most of the employees are working remotely which is the highlighted part of CSI.

#3 – 10 Pearls

10 pearls are located in Vienna, Virginia. It is one of the recognized offshore software development company that highlights businesses through improved technology. It was founded in 2004 and is specifically specialized in the design and development of various products. Delivering a quality product is the ultimate goal of the 10 Pearls company.

#4 – Daxx

DAXX – A software development company, established in 2011 in Europe particularly located in Houston, Texas with offshore software development center in Ukraine. It is an agile business model famous for its services like Chemicals, Plastics, Supply Chain Chemicals, Technical Sales Support, Industrial Sales & Services, and much more.

#5 – Existek

It is also among the top offshoring full-cycle software development company founded in 2012 located in Vinnitsa, Vinnytsia. the organization works with big and small enterprises with reliability. Existek is providing worldwide services through its developmental teams.

The main services of Existek are:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Product Development
  • Dedicated Development Center
  • IT Consulting

#6 – Redwerk

Redwerk also ranks among the top offshore software development companies for web, mobile, or SaaS software product development. Since 2005 they are providing dedicated software development teams in Ukraine. They have completed more than 250 customer software development projects form 170 businesses worldwide.

#7 – Diceus

Diceus is an offshore software development company with the worth of custom software development experience in industries such as Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government, HR, Manufacturing, Construction, and Automotive. Diceus is a global technology partner for leading companies in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and the Middle East. They don’t sell hours of their developers but take responsibility for the final product and its successful launch.

#8 – Sytoss

If you are looking for skilled software developers, not just the lowest price then Ukraine Based offshore software development company SYTOSS is the best choice with a stellar track record in the custom software development domain. It is an offshore software development company with a team of 150+ talented IT engineers and experts, located in Ukraine.

#9 – Agilites

Another offshore software development service provider from Ukraine in Agilities. With a dedicated offshore development team in Ukraine, they have the capability to handle your custom software development project in the best way. They develop Web and Mobile apps from organizations around the world.

#10 – Zaven

Poland is another prominent offshore software development hub in Eastern Europe. Zaven is an offshore software development company from Wrocław, Poland. They have a team of highly qualified programmers, analysts, designers, and product managers that can work on your custom software development projects.

#11 – Merixstudio

This UK based company is an experienced offshore software development service provider with 120+ full-stack agile software experts ready to work on your project. They specialize in full-stack software development with a key focus on JavaScript (Angular, React, React Native), Python (Django, Flask), and PHP (Symfony, Laravel).

Software DevelopmentOffshoring – The remarkable trend

For cost-effectiveness and having a wide variety of skilled talent, software development offshoring is the new outgrowing trend. Myriad of businesses are adopting offshoring especially the software development companies for bringing automation and preserving quality assurance.

Offshore Software Development Rates by Countries

Instead of paying through the nose by hiring software developers and working in-house, why not to offshore software development teams?

Hiring offshore software development teams is significantly gaining momentum over the last few years so of course, it’ s a great idea. But what are the offshore software development rates by countries? Do prices vary from country to country?

Let’s delve into this topic where you will have an idea of average rates of offshore software development countries

Offshore software Development Rate Per Hour in Asian Countries

Because of the extensive talent pool of Asia that is more than 10 million developers, the rates are much feasible. In comparison to Eastern Europe, the average developer charges less. An Asian offshore software development agency can be working around $18–$40 per hour. However, large tech-hub rates are about $30–40 per hour.

The well-known countries are Pakistan, the Philippines, China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and several others. Hence, Asia is considered as the best region for offshore developers with the lowest rates.

Offshore Software Development Rates in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is also a leading region for offshore software development teams because of high-quality software developers with quite cheaper rates.

The acceleration of the IT industry in this region results in about 1 million software developers in Eastern Europe, presenting it as the best offshore location. In Eastern Europe, offshore developers charge $25-$50 per hour.

The major offshore software development countries present in Eastern Europe are Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, and many others. Amongst the most popular countries, Ukraine is really famous and has lower rates than Poland.

It is expected at the end of 2020, the Ukrainian tech market will be having 200K software specialists. Therefore, because of the largest IT country in Eastern Europe, the price range is between $26 and $43 whereas Poland charges $40–$56 per hour.

Offshore Software Developer Rates in Latin America

The average hourly rate of Latin American offshore developers is roughly about $30-$50.

Offshore countries included in the Latin American region are Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, which charge approximately $30. For cost-effectiveness, the US company’s offshore software development agencies from Latin America, as being the most successful offshore destination.

Offshore Software Development Hourly Rates in Africa

Africa is another region where companies hire offshore developers. The average per hour rate of African developers is nearly around $20-$40. The offshore software development states present in Africa are Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.


Offshore software development rates vary from country to country. While selecting an offshore development country for the project, pay heed to the essentials like average developer rates, the professionalism of the developers, and time difference for the best outcome.

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