Top 10 Offshore Web Development Companies Reviews

Offshore Website Development Companies

Looking to hire the best offshore web development company? We have made the list of top offshore website development companies based on reviews and ratings.

Amid the 21st century, almost the entire world has gone digital. Many companies are offering web development services but selecting an offshore web development company is the most realistic approach. Yeah! Because of cost-effective and several other perks.

In this advanced era, it is difficult to land on reliable website development companies when there are numerous service providers. Therefore, if you are looking for authentic service, we have chosen the top 10 website development companies for you. These companies will provide quality services with whole reliability. So let’s see what are they:

#1 – Daxx

Daxx – One of the popular IT employers in Ukraine serving clients, almost 20 years ago. An offshore website development company providing customer services with quality assurance. The company is covering all platforms of the product lifecycle including web design with implementation along with the existing solution. The dedicated team of Daxx has worked with companies running in industries such as e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, education, and telecom with multifunctional web applications achieving several business goals.

Daxx web development services include:

  • Website Development from Scratch
  • Legacy Transformation
  • Third-party Integration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Maintenance and Support

Daxx satisfied clients are globalHMA, study tube, Unomy, Pricena, and much more.

#2 – F5buddy

F5 Buddy is also amongst the top 10 offshore website development company assisting in the market since 2013. F5 Buddy is here to help its customers with 100% transparency.

The company tries to assist in various fields comprising of Small Bussiness, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Medical website. F5 Buddy develops Custom Website that builds the visually engaging website for better revenue.

Specialties of F5 Buddy are:

  • Website Design, Website Development,
  • Web application Development,
  • Mobile Application Development,
  • E-commerce Development

#3 – Xbsoftware

XB Software is also a top-notch offshore website development company having a dedicated web developers team. The company was founded in 2008 and has nearly 200 employees. XB Software has completed over 150 projects with standard service plus served globally. The company aims at providing quality code within a certain time frame.

The company’s contented clients exist worldwide especially in the USA, Canada, UK, and EU countries. a company of dedicated web developers founded in 2008. The company aims at providing quality code within a certain time frame.

XB Software has completed over 150 projects with standard service plus served globally. XB Software specialties are in the field of:

  • Web Application Development,
  • Mobile Application Development,
  • Quality Assurance and Software Testing,
  • Webix Customization and Development

The company’s contented clients exist worldwide especially in the USA, Canada, UK, and EU countries.

#4 – Mobilunity

Another prominent Ukrainian based offshore website development company named Mobilunity. The company was founded in the year 2010 having specialties in:

  • Web Design,
  • Web Development,
  • Mobile Development,
  • Custom Development

Mobilunity is an outstanding website development company that has served 40+ clients from 10+ different countries. Happy clients of Mobilunity include; camp to camp, Qrates, codename, zen chef, opportunity work, etc.

#5 – Web Peppers

Web Peppers another topmost offshore website development company. It was established in the year 2013, having professional expertise. The company’s major goal is the structuring an ideal partner for a broad range of complex development projects. Web Peppers is a client-oriented company with experienced developers.

The company’s service lines focus is:

  • Web Development
  • HR Services
  • Custom Software Development

Web Peppers have done 20+Projects last year and still toiling with Startups and Enterprises companies, Manufacturing, Finances.

#6 – N-ix

N-iX is a global offshore website development company with 18 years of excellence in the market. It is a certified company of technology companies named as OpenText, SAP, and Microsoft.

N-iX has 30 Enterprise Clients, including Fortune 500 Companies, serving globally. The company contains a 1,000+ professionals talent pool approximately 90% engineers.

N-iX specialties are:

  • Custom Software Development,
  • Offshore/Nearshore Software Development
  • Financial Software Development,
  • Financial Services Software

The company is known for multiple industry rankings, such as Inc. 5000 Europe, Software 500, GSA, Clutch, and some more. N-iX has served various clients, for example, gogo, Currencycloud, FLUKE, iCabbi.

#7 – 4Mdesigners

Among the top 10 offshore website development company, another famous name is 4Mdesigners. It is Pakistan’s preeminent website development company having skills of:

  • User Experience Design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • E-Commerce Sites

The company’s main focus is providing custom web development with ample reliable service.

Mercedes-Benz Pakistan, ICI Pakistan Ltd, Avari Hotels, United Energy Pakistan, Karachi Grammar School, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, Habib Public School, and several other names are happily served clients of 4Mdesigners.

#8 – Digital Dividend

Digital Dividend globally renowned and among the top 10 offshore website development company. It was inaugurated in the year 2007 has many years of experience in dynamic fields.

The company has a team of 50+ expert Engineers and Developers, expertise in iOS Apps, Android Apps, Microsoft.Net, SQL Server, HTML5 a lot more.

Digital Dividend presents its service globally and aces its client’s projects. The happy customers of Digital Dividend comprise of launchpad, post rack, TAXI EYE, THE learning APPS, and many more names.

#9 – Allianze Technologies

Another top-ranking offshore website development company named Allianze Technologies. It was established in the year 2013 and has helped hundred plus clients nationally and internationally.

The chief focus of Allianze Technologies is to create a user-friendly and custom-made website. Another feature of Allianze Technologies is cost-effectiveness and well-customized web design service, making large-scale business.

The served clients of Allianze Technologies include Windstream, Alteva, Chevron, Horizon, internet retailing

#10 – Atlassoftweb

Atlassoftweb is also a well-known offshore web development company established in the year 2011. The company is practicing Magento, Drupal, and Joomla, and WordPress technologies proving its authenticity in the market.

Atlassoftweb is presenting custom web development services to its consumers at affordable rates with aesthetic and functional human-centered designs.

Atlassoftweb enlisted clients are Nirma University, IIT Gandhinagar, Educents, Soccerloco, Radcliffe Cardiology, Numidan, The Dog Bakery, Bambino Diapers, Krya, and more.

#11 – Outsourced

You can hire dedicated web developers from the Philippine-based offshore web development company.  Outsourced is dedicated to helping startups and enterprise by building an extraordinary team of web developers offshore.

What Are the Best Countries to Hire Offshore Website Developers?

Digital technology is bursting since the past years that’s why companies are more in search of skilled employees. Therefore, more inclination towards offshore website developers.

But why the offshore website developer’s talent pool is getting viral all over the globe? Yes! Because of the multiple key advantages from affordable prices to a dedicated team of developers, offshore is the best means for project development.

But this might be a dauntless task because offshore website developers are present across the border. So how will you pick the top countries for hiring offshore website developers?

Let’s delve into this topic where we will enlist the best countries to hire offshore website developers team for better results.

Best Countries to Hire Offshore Website Developers

The best countries are classified based on regions that include Eastern Europe, Central and Western Europe, and Asia. Further, these regions are divided into states.


  • Eastern European destinations

A great region for hiring offshore website developers with a diverse number of developers. Ukraine is the first country because of 185,000 IT specialists.

This huge number is because of the presence of a great number of tech universities in Eastern Europe that graduates many students annually.

Not only tech skills rather these developers are multi-talented and have a high level of English and advanced hard skills. Other popular states are; Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria.

·         Central and Western Europe Destinations

Central and Western Europe has recognized as the fastest ranking region

in economies and high taxes. One can find standard IT services as developers are more focused on customer’s expectations.

The per-hour service rate of website developers in Central and Western

Europe varies from $37-50 to $200-300.

While discussing states in this region that offer website developers are SwitzerlandGermanyNetherlands, and the UK as well pricing $50 – $99 per hour. But sometimes Switzerland can charge more and pay rate increases up-to $200 – $300 per hour.

Austria and Belgium also included in this region cost $100 -$149 per hour.

  • Asian outsourcing destinations:

A huge number of website developers are found in Asia. The offshore countries comprise India which is quite an inexpensive country with $18–$25 hourly rates of its services.

China is also among the Asian region holding wide tech talent but a little bit expensive than Indian offshore website developers and charges $50 to $100. This price matches with the other countries that include Pakistan, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Poland.

Wrap up

Among all of the regions with so many countries Ukraine is popular for Offshore Website Developers and many startups considered it a priority because of the low budget. Other rival competitive states of Ukraine are India, Russia, South America, and Africa are significant.

When hiring the offshore team looks at its services like technical skills, price ratio, quality, and most important command of English. This will help in effective communication for a better outcome.

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