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Content Writing Services: In this review, we have evaluated the best content writing services, work policies, prices, and contact details.


In need of the best content writing service try Hire Writers! Reasonable price high-quality content writing service. 1,000’s of native, English speaking Writers available at Hire Writers!

One of the best SEO content writing service Hire Writers provides high-quality articles and content writing services to businesses and entrepreneurs.

Hire Writers SEO content writing service is bespoke, unique, and tailored for you.

If you want to promote your business or website, the ideal step you can do is that you can hire articles writer or SEO content writing services.

How does writing service work?

It is an undeniable fact that most of the business and website owners have no time at all to write articles daily or weekly for website online promotion so in this scenario, hiring a professional SEO content writing service is necessary to achieve business goals.

Placing an order through hire writers is easy just go to the website place an order and professional content writers will get in touch with you.

Besides that, Hire Writers provide high-quality content writing service and focus on customer satisfaction.

Check out the: pricing detail


  • 150–300 Words — $1.50/ARTICLE
  • 700–1000 Words — $5/ARTICLE


Hire writers have hundred of native content writers. You can be sure that professional article writers will work on your project.

Editing and Proofreading Services

Free Revisions

Hire Articles Writing Team to Handle Bulk Order


Another best content writing service is WriterAccess one of the most popular platforms from where you can hire content writers. They make sure you get high-quality content writing services with quality guarantee.

WriterAccess is the best go-to writing agency super duper awesome high-quality articles.

WriterAccess is an independent platform where companies can find independent writers and subject matter experts.


If you are looking to hire content writers then try Fiverr Pro. On of the fastest-growing freelance content writing service where you can find thousands of native and experienced content writers.

Fiverr Pro is the best go-to marketplace to hire freelance content writers. You can hire content writers with experience writing on websites as big as Forbes and Entrepreneurs. Get awesome high-quality articles from verified professionals.


Express Writers is one of the most used professional content writing services in the United Kingdom.

The agency offers content writing services that have several similarities with what other content writing services; however, it has a series of unique features such as SEO copywriting, guest post services, and other content marketing services that place them as one of the best content writing services.

What type of writing services does Express Writers offer?

  • EBooks
  • Blogs
  • Email Newsletter
  • Press Releases
  • Product descriptions
  • Long Blog posts
  • White books
  • ebooks
  • advertisements
  • annual reports
  • articles
  • banner ads
  • blog posts
  • books
  • brochures
  • case studies
  • catalog entries
  • datasheets
  • direct mail pieces
  • email copy
  • Facebook posts
  • grants
  • mobile content
  • newsletters
  • presentations
  • press releases
  • product descriptions
  • proposals
  • radio spots
  • speeches
  • traditional scripts
  • Twitter posts
  • video scripts
  • web pages
  • webinar presentations
  • webinar scripts
  • white papers.
  • Industries they cover:
  • Technology
  • Ecommerce
  • Telecom
  • Legal/Law
  • Education
  • Fashion
  • Health/Wellness
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Software Development
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • LifeStyle
  • Pharma
  • Marketing
  • Automotive
  • Insurance
  • Professional Services

Customers who need help with content for the content marketing strategy can use the Express Writers services.

They use high-performance ideas, themes, and keywords to write web content for blogs and websites.


Express Writers’ services offer competitive prices. In this way, you can easily choose a package whose price is most comfortable without compromising quality. The price plans are;

  • $0.02 per word for an SEO copywriting package. This will deliver a quality copy to some of the cheapest prices you can find.
  • $0.03 per word for web content package for blogs, landing pages, guest publications, press releases, and more.
  • $0.05 per word covers the Premium Content plan. Copywriting in this package is of significantly higher quality and is designed to attract readers and force them to take action.
  • $0.08 per word is our charge for technical documents and micro-copies that require highly specialized knowledge and skills.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Quality Content Service
  • This market drafting service guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the writing you received, you do not have to pay.
  • The response time is approximately 24 hours.
  • 100% unique writing guaranteed. You can even request unlimited reviews or a different writer if you are not satisfied.


They do not offer refunds.


The contact can only be made through the web form on the website.


Copify is a premium content writing service where you can purchase content for your website, press releases, e-book, blog.

The company has been in business since 2010 and is based in the United Kingdom.

They have the largest publisher network in the UK and can handle orders in 48 hours.

Copify is a platform that aims to bring together customers who want content and blog posts with writers available to produce it.

The type of writing includes website content writing, product descriptions, blog posts, press releases, and web copies, and while the amount of work available varies, there is usually a good variety.

All of its editors work remotely in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Your writing project will be assigned a “native” writer according to your preferred geography.

Copify content writing services are aimed at digital marketing agencies and professionals who need quality written content.

It is also one of the companies that take more time behind the development of a blog/website.

Outsourcing written content to professionals who can quickly produce quality content and optimize content for SEO can save business owners a lot of time and money.

What types of writing services does Copify offer?

Some of the most popular forms of writing content include:

  • Article
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Product reviews
  • SEO Copywriting

With Copify, you can order the content in a timely manner or together and request changes to your order before accepting the work.


Its pricing model is based on the cost per word.

Standard service costs £0.03 per word, and professional service costs £ 0.05 per word. At these rates, you will pay £15 and £25 respectively for the content of 500 words.

These prices are considerably higher than what you would expect to pay for content, but theoretically reflect the quality and experience of its editors, all of whom are native English speakers and go through some strict tests to be approved.

When you place an order, select the type of content you need, describe your requirements, such as the keywords to include or the tone to write, and click send. The typical response time is only 48 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • The response time is approximately 24 hours.
  • It offers one of the highest levels of support among affordable writing services
  • They guarantee 100% unique content.
  • Copify has very easy to use the platform.


They do not offer refunds.

Copify does not have any live chat.


Sales +44 (0)1524 548 771


Scripted is an article writing services that have just appeared on the internet recently.

Scripted offers a set of independent writers previously evaluated, an editing included with each job, and some unusually flexible communication and assignment options if you are willing to pay your monthly membership fee.

Scripted has writers in the USA and in 18 other countries, including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and Spain.

That is, the provide content writing services in many different languages.

What does Scripted offer?

Scripted has an intuitive interface that makes sending tasks as easy as selecting multiple-choice options or filling in some blanks.

In addition to the real-time messaging option directly from the writer’s profile, you can also set up conference calls for up to 60 minutes at a time.

Scripted also offers a panel of analysis at higher levels of membership, and the fact that they are writers set their own rates for a wide variety of types of tasks, from technical documents to video scripts and long or short blog posts, if You buy directly through the writer profiles, you will know that the writer feels that they are being paid at a fair price.

This is another little-known feature: Scripted also offers an editorial calendar feature that makes it easy to plan, assign, and manage all of a month’s content in one go.

In the same way, it offers a variety of content, such as SEO articles, articles for blogs, and social networks among others.


When you sign up with Scripted, you get the first free month to using the platform, afterward, you will have to pay a membership fee to access writers, communication tools, and Scripted analysis.

Membership fees vary from $149 to $ 1,299 per month, with discounts of more than 20 percent to pay one year ahead.

That membership fee puts you at the door, but you will also pay a fee per piece for the content you request.

Prices to send an assignment to the group of general writers start at $39 for a short blog post or $85 for a long blog post; this includes two rounds of revisions and an editing pass by one of the independent publishers of Scripted.

If you choose to assign jobs directly to a chosen writer, they can set their own prices or you can get in touch to offer the job at the rate you choose.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Offer Refund
  • Unlimited reviews
  • Copyscape Passed
  • An incredibly fast response time (according to your request, it can be done on the same day).
  • Very promising.


Expensive Service


Email: | Phone Number 1 (866) 501–3116


Crowd Content brings content writers at your fingertips. The platform is completely automated, so it is very easy to use.

Are you looking for posts on the blog or website content? Crowd Content also does that! All content is original and created on demand.

All content writers are English-speaking citizens of the United States. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or Australia.

This company has been around for a while for a good reason.

They offer simple services; their prices are simple and never promise what they cannot fulfill.

If you place an order for up to 100 items, you will be guaranteed between 3 and 5 days of return.

For 500 items or more, they will need 2 to 3 weeks, and we have to say that this is more than a fair offer.

They guarantee that all your articles will pass Copyscape and that they are SEO friendly.

What type of writing services does the Crowd Content offer?

It offers you content writing services; correction; communication and editorial marketing as well as comprehensive services for creating covers, illustration, layout, etc.

The goal of Crowd Content is to help you publish what you want with correctness, communicative efficiency, and the maximum guarantees of quality.


$ 0.03 / word — $ 0.45 / word

If you need SEO and web content, product descriptions, blog posts, press releases, social networks, publications, or something completely different, they can definitely help you.

Its price is quite simple: you can choose between standard, premium, and business writing for each category.

And, the more you spend on your platform, the more discounts you will receive.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Highest levels of support among affordable writing services;
  • Your assistance service is attended by 18 hours a day.
  • Their official delivery times are a little slow, up to 10 days for the delivery of the order.
  • They guarantee 100% unique content.


  • They do not offer refunds.


Email: | Phone: 1–888–983–3103


BKacontent is a custom content writing service that is responsible for providing personalized content of great quality, unique and individual, designed taking into account the needs and the specific request of the client.

This website has dozens of professional US content writers and content editors that are employed in bkacontent and the most important thing is that they are all native English-speaking writers in the US and the United Kingdom with diverse and varied backgrounds.

If you need website content, SEO articles, blog content, copywriting, e-books, or any other material on any subject, BKAcontent offers professional content writing services that can increase your ranking in the search engines and attract the attention of your clients.

When you open your website, you will not be impressed, that’s for sure. But, what they lack in web design, they compensate where it matters.

Bkacontent is one of the most popular affordable content writing services in USA

The team includes more than 75 internal writers and they are all native speakers.

What do BKAcontent writing services offer?

Any type of writing you want.

You see, the need for original content writing will never diminish, but if you are not a professional writer, your inspiration could be exhausted.

That is why there are hundreds and hundreds of people offering affordable writing services online.

You just need to provide the subject; your instructions and the professional writers will take care of the rest.

The writing of articles includes all the areas from medicine to engineering and computation.

They also write books and articles for blogs.

#9— Textun Content Writing Service

The content writing services can write absolutely anything you need.

Do you need a description of the products you are selling? No problem. A press release for your initial offer of coins? They can do it.

Do you need a tremendous piece of advertising copy that shows your business? You got it.

The same goes for technical writing, cover letters, articles, blog posts, reviews, and creative writing assignments.

Price range:

From $ 5.50 to $43.40

The price you will pay depends on the type of content and the quality you want to order.

The writing of articles costs $0.02 per word for standard quality and $0.025 for premium. The writing will cost $0.03, and the writing of ebooks will end at $0.035 per word.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Textun seems more than happy to offer unlimited reviews at no cost until you are perfectly satisfied with the product.
  • Content will pass through Copyscape
  • Professional writers are all native English speakers of the United States. or the United Kingdom, according to the requirements of spelling and style, with diverse and varied backgrounds.
  • Expert editors review and review all articles. The Textun editors check each completed piece to ensure adequate grammar, syntax, sentence structure, and spelling.


You have three days from the date of receipt of your article to request a review.

They do not offer refunds.


You can contact them through their website:


Textbroker is an online company that relies on independent content writers to provide digital content for their clients at a low cost.

Customers register on the site to request different articles for their blogs or websites, and the authors choose among a set of writing tasks to complete.

Textbroker acts as an intermediary, facilitating the platform for work, collecting payments from clients, and disbursing payments to content writers once the assignment is completed.

If you have been writing for a long period of time, you probably have already heard about Textbroker.

It was created by Jan Becker-Fochler and the first content market that went online in 2007.

What services does TextBroker offer?

You can order three different types of content:

  • Open order: This order is transmitted to all writers who have the star rating you selected or higher. It is a first-order system of arrival, which means that the first writer who selects your project will be the one who writes it.
  • Direct Order: If you do not trust the open order system, you can create direct orders for specific writers. In other words, only the authors you identify can see and complete the task.
  • Team Order: If you need to complete a lot of work, you can create a Team Order. This means that you assemble a team of writers that you like to complete your orders.

How much does Textbroker cost?

Whether you opt for self-service or managed content writing services, you can select the price you want to pay according to the star level of the writer.

In general, you will pay between $0.013 and $0.072 per word if you decide to place open orders, while the commissioned content will begin at around $0.024 per word.

If these prices sound low, do not be mistaken.

These are extremely cheap prices for content on the market today, which could make you stopover the quality of the writing you will receive.

Even Textbroker admits that the content of two-star writers could “contain spelling, grammar and punctuation errors”.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • They guarantee 100% unique content.
  • They offer the highest levels of support among affordable writing services
  • The support staff is receptive.
  • The response time is approximately 36 hours


– They do not offer refunds.

Contact: Phone: (702) 534–3832|


The HOTH is, mainly, a link building service.

At least that’s how they started. Now they provide complete SEO packages, including content writing service.

Most of their services are designed for resale, especially the content of their blogs. So digital marketing firms around the world come to them, get content, content, and many other services.

The digital marketing game is too big for most small businesses to handle on their own, so it should not surprise anyone that many of these small businesses need to outsource to be efficient.

That said, HOTH still serves independent and autonomous customers.

What type of writing services does The Hoth offer?

Blog Posts Writing

EBooks Writing

As you can see, maintaining the kind of content that gives you an unprecedented return on investment is a lot of work.

When you outsource to the right company, you are incorporating a full team of experienced professional bloggers and consultants.

The bloggers who work for The Hoth have years of experience in the field and come from a variety of backgrounds.

In addition, they are all based in the United States. They are flexible, friendly and, best of all, fast.

Not only do they have previous experience, but they also receive extensive training before being hired permanently.

So although you may have some blog posts that you want to talk about, it is better to let the HOTH bloggers take care of it.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • You choose the anchor text so you can control the density of your keyword. This is critical in the SEO world in which we live.
  • You can have co-appointments in your articles. What does this mean? They will add other backlinks to websites of non-competitive authorities. This is great because your website is in the company of authority websites such as Wikipedia, news websites, or other authority websites related to your niche.
  • Customer support is ridiculously fast. Customers often receive an answer within one hour. They have all the customer service staff based in the United States and they are really amazing.


They do not offer refunds.

It is extremely expensive. Guest publications cost $150 at the lower end and $1,000 at the higher end. Some agencies do not do it once either; They require you to register for campaigns in the $3,000 + range-


Phone 877–720–4684


Content Cucumber is a small but good SEO content writing services.

USA-based team of experienced, creative, and talented SEO content writers combined with professional eagle-eyed editors who knows the art of creating valuable, well-researched content on a variety of different topics in a deadline-focused environment.

They promise to give you high quality 100% search engine optimized content at the best possible prices. Visit the Content Cucumber website to place content writing order.


Inthis world with the urge of looking for the right piece of information, which can be obtained in a click, it is very important to count on a company that can provide the correct piece of content writing to blogs, eBooks, and social media.

Among the different companies providing these sorts of services, there is one which has been considered one of the best in the field of the article, copywriting, blog, and social media content writing; and the name of this company is Godot Media.

With an increasing number of clients month after month, Godot Media is focusing on the whole area of a creative content writer with a great staff of professional writers with knowledge on different areas of several aspects of technical, social, and entertainment sectors of the internet content.

And all of this is supported by an amount of more than 1,000 satisfied customers.

Most of the work they offer is delivered on the deadline with the chances of reviewing the final product several times until the customer is completely satisfied with the final cut.

Best Content Writing Service

Final Note: All the content writing services we write about provide the best quality content writing service.

You can hire any of these SEO content writing services you won’t regret. It’s all go down to the budget you have for content writing service.

If you are looking for the most affordable SEO content writing service with a quality guarantee you can get in touch Hire Writers they offer native content writers who write high quality, cheap, fast, and ‘on-topic’ articles that you assign and met quality standards.